Maállo Skin Ointment

Maállo is a medicinal skin therapeutic to reduce the symptoms of mild to moderate inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea dermatitis and neurodermatitis. Maállo is not a steroid.

In general, corticosteroids creams/ointments are first line treatment for the management of these chronic diseases. However, the ongoing use of corticosteroid creams/ointments contributes to epidermal atrophy, degeneration of the dermal structure and collagen deterioration.

The ongoing use of topical steroid – corticosteroids also contributes to a reduction in antimicrobial peptides (the skins immune cells). This lessens the skin’s ability to defend against bacterial and/or fungal overgrowth.

Topical steroids are not a cure and do not affect the underlying cause of the skin condition.

Maállo . . . calm skin, naturally.

Maállo . . . calm skin, naturally.

Maállo Medicinal Ointment
1) Modifies inflammatory cell signals within the skin.
2) Supports the skin’s internal hydration 24/7 to maintain the skin’s barrier function &  repair capacity.
3) Supports the skin’s pH and antimicrobial peptide capacity to reinforce the skin’s immune function.
4) Reduces the risk of corticosteroid induced skin damage like skin atrophy (thinning).

 Maállo Skin Ointment, 2 oz, cost $54.00  (tax/U.S. priority mail shipping included).
Two ounce jar last approximately three months (meaningful).
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Maállo is also suitable as a post steroid therapeutic (after corticosteroid treatment is complete) to reduce vulnerability to flares. Maintaining the barrier function of the skin reduces damage to the skin, reduces nerve dysfunction (itch scratch), reduces the frequency and severity of flare-ups, and the risk of skin complications.

● Maállo is provided in a white jar, the neutral silver blue product label is suitable for male or female adults and adolescents. Not to be used with condoms.

Maállo is a long lasting lipid based penetrating ointment, not a water based cosmetic cream that sits on the top layer of the skin.
Water evaporates . . . lipids (fats) absorb.

Ingredients and Application
The bio-active medicinal ingredients in the Maállo formula are botanical. These plant derived nutrients are bio-compatible; meaning no toxic or injurious effect on biological function. Additionally, these nutrients will not diminish the skin’s protective pH, acid mantle or the skin’s other natural immune mechanisms. Each ingredient in Kátha Soma skin formulas are recognized as safe substances (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Union Pharmacopeia’s.

● Maállo has no added fragrance, is hypoallergenic, gluten and nut free. Maállo does not contain ragweed botanicals, glycerin, mineral oil, petroleum (petrochemicals) or formaldehyde.

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Maállo has a thick consistency like honey; a  pea size amount of ointment once/twice a day calms and protects vulnerable and troubled skin. Maállo is formulated for small targeted areas of skin such as the back of hands, elbows, ankles, neck, ear lobe, and face. Maállo is also suitable for sensitive areas such as skin folds, behind the knee, inner elbow, beside under arm, inner thighs, buttocks, penis and scrotum. Maállo is for dry, plaque/scale, itch prone, raw irritated skin. Maállo is not indicated for use on ulcerated, broken skin or the scalp. Not for use with condoms.

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● The term inflammation means a combination of pain, tenderness, swelling, and redness.

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