DāSoma™ Skin Ointment

DāSoma™ is a medicinal ointment and lip balm for immune compromised patients. DāSoma™ nurtures skin exposed to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

Chemotherapy and radiation generate oxidative stress, which can damage skin cells and disrupt the skin’s natural renewal process. Cancer treatment induced dermatologic toxicities and subsequent disruption in the skin’s renewal can result in symptoms that include patches of dry, irritated, itchy skin; tenderness, redness and rash due to inflammation within the skin layers.

Male or female, young or old chemotherapy will make the skin dry and lips chapped because these drugs interfere with the skins oil and sweat gland function and the renewal process of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis skin layers. Skin, nail and lip damage is a consequence, an adverse treatment affect of chemotherapy.

Some types of chemotherapy damage the rapidly dividing cells of the lips, contributing to dry, chapped, sore, and for some bleeding lips. In addition to discomfort, extremely chapped lips (medical term cheilitis) and fissures (tiny cracks in the skin) increase the risk of infection in cancer patients.

Additionally, because cancer treatment is administered in cycles (on and off over months) impaired healing and accumulated toxicities from previous treatment makes skin, lips and nails/cuticles more vulnerable to subsequent damage.

DāSoma™ ointment and lip balm
1) Supports the skin’s natural internal hydration (moisture balance) to soothe patches of dry skin, and chapped lips.
2) Modifies cancer treatment induced oxidative stress & inflammatory cell activity within the skin layers to calm rash and irritation.
3) Helps increase treatment tolerance and enhances the skin’s renewal capacity
4) Anti-microbial properties reduce vulnerability to skin and nail/cuticle (paronychia) infections.


DāSoma™ meaningful care and comfort.

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December 2017.  Providing skin comfort and healing during cancer management (cancer supportive care)  . . . this is meaningful).

DāSoma™ is formulated for patches of dry, tender or inflamed skin (not for broken skin). DāSoma™ has a thick consistency like honey, apply ¼ inch of ointment once a day to vulnerable and/or areas of discomfort.  A lip balm with the same medicinal ingredient is also provided for convenience and comfort. As a cancer care therapeutic DāSoma™ comforts and nurtures skin during chemo cycles, after radiation (48 hr) and after cancer treatment is completed.

DāSoma™ is a vitamin D, and vitamin E nutrient enriched ointment. DāSoma™ does not have synthetic ingredients, does not have added fragrance and does not contain zinc oxide, mineral oil, petroleum jelly (petro-chemicals), glycerin, or ragweed botanicals. The plant based (phyto nutrients) in the DāSoma™ formula are bio-compatible; meaning no toxic or injurious effect on biological function. Additionally, these nutrients will not diminish the skin’s protective pH (acid mantle) and the skin’s other natural immune mechanisms.

DāSoma™ 2 medicinal lip balms
(without the jar of ointment)
for $20.00 US (tax/shipping included).
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Katha ● Soma™ medicinal therapeutics are applicable to the U.S. Flexible Spending Account and the U.S Health Savings Account.

DāSoma™ is a medicinal skin ointment for immune compromised patients. DāSoma™ calms inflammation within the deeper epidermis skin layers to soothe symptoms of chemotherapy and/or radiology induced dermatologic toxicity. The botanical ingredients in DāSoma™ also strengthen the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and provides anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

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  • The management of dermatologic toxicities is critical to the cancer patients health related quality of life and the dose schedule, and the dose intensity of subsequent cancer treatment. Left untreated adverse events (treatment toxicity) can necessitate sub-therapeutic dosing which then impacts cancer management.


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DISCLAIMER Kathá Soma skin therapeutics are formulated specifically to meet the unique needs of people living with cancer, chronic diseases or slow cell renewal due to aging. The content presented in this website is not intended as, or should be construed as medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare practitioner for individual medical recommendations.

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