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āSport Pro™ antimicrobial skin/wound protectant is for dedicated athletes to reduce vulnerability to skin irritation, chafing, friction, abrasion and minor lacerations (road rash). Use before athletic activity (to protect) and after (to soothe) knees, knuckles, elbows etc, for cyclists, runners, rowers, swimmers, skiers, hockey players. Antimicrobial component is intensely helpful for cyclists to reduce saddle sore re-occurrence or reduce severity of saddle sore (and boils). Natural ingredients are suitable to protect and calm irritation for sensitive body parts and skin fold areas such as the inner thighs, buttocks, perineum, penis, scrotum and around underarms.

āSport Pro™  strengthens the skin and provides comforting lubrication to reduce gear/clothing friction, and skin/skin friction for football, soccer, hockey players etc. Also mitigates skin damage to face, ear lobes, neck, knuckles from water, wind, heat and cold exposure.

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āSport Pro™  Antimicrobial Skin/Wound Protection  
1)  Strengthens skin structure to reduce friction, chafing, wear n tear
2)  Hydrates the skin to maintain flexibility and reduce shear
3)  Antimicrobial properties limit bacterial growth and penetration (boils/saddle sore)
4)  Calms irritation and inflammation (itch/scratch damage)

●  āSport™ skin ointment 2 oz, cost $56.00 (tax/shipping included). Only available in the U.S.
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● āSport™  is a water-resistant, lipid enriched, deep penetrating ointment; not a water based cosmetic cream that evaporates and that sits on the top layer of the skin.

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Ingredients and Usage
āSport™ has a thick consistency like honey, apply a pea size amount of the ointment to chafing and irritation prone areas 1) prior to sport activity and/or 2) after participation to soothe rawness and irritation. This product is not a lotion for large areas; it is a medicinal spot treatment for vulnerable areas.  āSport is suitable for adult and adolescent athletes. Not for use with condoms. 
The bio-active medicinal ingredients in āSport Pro™ are botanical. These plant derived nutrients are bio-compatible; meaning no toxic or injurious effect on biological function. Additionally, these nutrients will not diminish the skin’s protective pH, acid mantle or the skin’s other natural immune mechanisms. Each ingredient in Kátha Soma skin formulas are recognized as safe substances (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Union Pharmacopeia’s.

Note for Women . . . Keira Feminine is a skin therapeutic to calm labia irritation, clitoris discomfort, and nipple shear that is common among female cyclists, runners etc. CLICK HERE for information about how Keira Feminine uniquely supports the lady bits, vulva and clitoris skin.

Cyclists: Saddle Sore, Crotch Chafing, Road Rash

The body makes contact with the saddle at three points: points one and two are sitz/sit bones (ischial tuberosities). The third point is the soft tissue between the legs: the perineum (the body part between the sexual organs and the anus). In general sitz/sit bones are designed to withstand body weight and pressure, the soft tissue of the genitalia is not. As such, during long rides the nerves and blood vessels to the penis/scrotum for men and labia/clitoris for women become compressed resulting in pain, numbness, soreness and swelling. The skin on the inner thighs and perineum can become chafed, raw and irritated due to cycling friction.

Cyclists are also prone to saddle sore . . .    a painful welt on the buttock where the stiz/sit bones rest on the saddle. This type of sore results from a combination of pressure, friction, shear and reduced anti-microbial peptide function (the skin’s immune cells). During long rides, continuous pressure/compression reduces blood flow, depriving the skin of oxygen & nutrients which damages the skin. Cycling friction wears down the skins top layer (epidermis) which then diminishes the skin protective pH/acid mantle and antimicrobial capacity. Shear pulls, stretches the blood vessels in the dermis/middle skin layer contributing to swelling, tenderness and discomfort. THE DAMAGED SKIN FROM CYCLING ALLOWS BACTERIA TO ESTABLISH UNDER THE SKIN RESULTING IN INFLAMMATION AND A PUS BUILDUP (PAINFUL BUTTOCK WELT).

The best treatment for saddle sore is prevention: more specifically reduce pressure, friction, shear & preserve the skin’s immune function. When applied to the lower buttocks (ischial tuberosities) hot spots, āSport™ strengthens each skin layer and supports the skin’s natural immune mechanisms: anti-microbial peptides and protective pH. Additionally, the phyto-nutrients in āSport™ help reduce the discomfort of a saddle sore and enhances the healing process.

Kātha Soma™ therapeutics work in harmony to support the body’s natural capacity to protect, balance and renew.

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Keira and āSport Pro™ are distributed exclusively by Katha-Soma Consumer Health USA/2017.

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