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Sun and Soma™ is a private newsletter subscription for women age 45 plus to cultivate emotional resilience and form a more in-depth understanding of mid-life health. This information will help reduce worry (mind), and stress (body) and contribute to better self-care.

The Sun and Soma™ newsletter provides an empowering blend of medical science (body) with a refreshing Zen perspective (emotion/mind).
Yes, this is personal and meaningful for your well-being.

Cost $15.00 USD for a three month trial subscription (you can renew after three months).
Your newsletter will be emailed the 4th and 24th day of the month. Namaste!

Newsletter Topics . . . provide better decision-making capacity for you and your family. 
Your Body: a deeper understanding of the menopause transition (lots of changes)
Post menopause gynecologic changes (bladder, vagina, vulva).
Invoking sensuality/sexual energy . . . passion and pleasure does not diminish at midlife plus; lets cultivate this.

Your Mind: insight about brain chemistry . . . lots of good things.
Nurturing emotional resilience . . . because life is unpredictable.
Understanding anxiety, mild depression, seasonal affective disorder in ourselves and others.
Ease tension/stress, calm unproductive mental chatter – negative thoughts.
Self compassion: don’t be so hard on yourself,
Compassionate living: don’t be so hard on others.
Selflessness, gratitude, inner strength and positive affirmations . . . because your thoughts frame your day.

Aging Parents: understanding emotional context and changes in brain function.


Kātha Soma™ therapeutics work in harmony to support the body’s natural capacity to protect, balance and renew.

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