Female Cyclists Labia Irritation & Vulva Soreness

Irritation, chafing and swelling are common labia, vulva discomfort among female cyclists. Uncomfortable lady parts diminish competitive performance and contribute to unwanted downtime.

● Why vulva irritation occurs . . . the body makes contact with the saddle at three points, points one and two are sitz/sit bones (ischial tuberosities). The third point is the soft tissue between the legs: the perineum (the body part between the sexual organs and the anus). In general sitz/sit bones are designed to withstand body weight and pressure, the soft tissue of the genitalia is not. As such, during long rides the nerves and blood vessels to the  labia/clitoris for women and scrotum for men become compressed resulting in discomfort, numbness, soreness and swelling. Due to the effects of cycling friction, the skin on the inner thighs and perineum for women and men can become chafed, raw and irritated.

● How cycling friction and shear irritate/distress the skin.  Friction is the mechanical force exerted when skin is dragged against a coarse surface while shear is the mechanical force caused by the interplay of gravity and friction. It exerts a force parallel to the skin resulting in angulation and stretching of blood vessels within the sub-dermal tissues. Raw, tender lady parts. Over time, lymphatic damage and sexual dysfunction can result from such chronic vulvar damage.

Keira Feminine Ointment is a medicinal therapeutic that protects and soothes vulva and labia skin. The botanical ingredients in Keira help to calm dermal inflammation and support vulva skin’s protective pH (acid mantle), and antimicrobial capacity: the skins natural immune defenses.

Keira is water resistant and protects the vulnerable (friction) areas of the inner thighs/buttocks also reduces nipple/bra strap shear for women cyclists. CLICK HERE for details about Keira.

● Saddle Sore/Pressure Ulcer
Cyclists are also prone to saddle sore . . .    a very (very) painful welt (like a large pimple) on the buttock often formed where the stiz/sit bones rest on the saddle. This type of sore results from a combination of pressure, friction, shear and reduced anti-microbial peptide function (skin’s immune cells). During long rides, continuous pressure/compression reduces blood flow, depriving the skin of oxygen & nutrients which damages the skin. Cycling friction wears down the skin’s top layer (epidermis) which then diminishes the skin protective pH/acid mantle and antimicrobial capacity. Shear pulls, stretches the inner skin layer contributing to irritation and discomfort. Dry, raw, irritated skin is vulnerable to bacteria.

āSport Pro™ for saddle sore prevention and treatment.

The best treatment for saddle sore is prevention: more specifically the objective is to reduce pressure, friction, shear & preserve the skins immune capacity. When applied to the lower buttocks (ischial tuberosities hot spots) āSport Pro™ (for men) and Keira Feminine Ointment (for women) strengthens each skin layer and the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.

Kātha Soma™ therapeutics work in harmony to support the body’s natural capacity to protect, balance and renew.

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