Eczema Treatment Plan

Before prescribing a treatment plan a dermatologist considers the type of eczema, extent and severity of the eczema, patient’s medical history, and a number of other factors. Medication and other therapies are prescribed as needed to:

Control itching

Reduce skin inflammation

Clear infection

Loosen and remove scaly lesions

 Reduce the incident of new lesions

It is important to realize that in most cases no one treatment will be effective. Medical research continues to show that the most effective treatment plan for eczema regardless of type involves using a combination of therapies to treat the skin and making lifestyle changes to control flare-ups. Doing so tends to increase effectiveness and reduce side effects from medications.

The type of medication prescribed will depend on many factors, including the type of eczema, past treatment, and the patient’s preference. Topical (applied to the skin) medication is frequently prescribed. If the eczema is more severe, phototherapy (a type of treatment that uses light therapy) or systemic (circulates throughout the body) medication may be prescribed.

Today, there are many effective therapies available to treat the different types of eczema. With proper treatment most eczema can be controlled.

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