Dry Chapped Lips Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy often damages the rapidly dividing cells of the lips contributing to dry, chapped, cracked, sore, and eventually bleeding lips. In addition to discomfort, extremely chapped lips (medical term cheilitis) and fissures (tiny cuts) increase the risk of infection in cancer patients.

Male or female, young or old and regardless of a person’s skin type chemotherapy will make the skin dry and lips chapped because these drugs interfere with the skins oil and sweat gland function and the renewal process of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis skin layers. Skin, nail/cuticle and lip damage is a consequence, an adverse treatment affect of chemotherapy.

Additionally, because cancer treatment is administered in cycles (on and off over months) impaired healing and accumulated toxicities from previous treatment makes skin, lips and nails more vulnerable to subsequent damage.

Keeping the skin and lips hydrated with a medicinal therapeutic ointment and lip balm (not cosmetic) during and after chemotherapy will help minimize skin damage and discomfort. DaSomá is a medicinal therapeutic ointment and lip balm specifically formulated for cancer patients exposed to chemotherapy and/or radiation.

DaSomá ointment and lip balm for cancer care & comfort.

DaSomá  ointment and lip balm . . .
1) Supports the skins natural internal hydration (water) to soothe dry skin, and chapped lips.
2) Modifies cancer treatment induced oxidative stress & inflammatory cell signals within the skin to calm irritation and rash.
3) Reduces vulnerability to subsequent skin/lip/nail damage.
4) Supports the skin’s pH and antimicrobial capacity to reinforce the skin’s immune function (paronchia etc).

DaSomá therapeutic ointment and lip balm provides skin support for cancer patients during chemo cycles and after chemo cycles are complete. CLICK HERE to learn more about DaSomá.

 The findings reported at the 15th Congress of the European Cancer Organization and the 34th European Society for Medical Oncology Multidisciplinary Congress, show that 69% of patients reported having chapped, sore lips after chemotherapy.

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