Comfort and Compassion

Comfort & Compassion is a campaign of engagement to support women under-going cancer treatment.

Campaign Engagement
Breast and gynecological cancer foundations, societies and support groups (campaign participants) are invited to gift a comfort & care package to a woman in their community (the recipient) undergoing cancer treatment. The contents of the nurturing comfort & care package is detailed below.

Humanitarian Outreach
Kathā Soma, the Comfort & Compassion campaign originator will donate care packages to low resource women undergoing cancer treatment.

Campaign Objectives
1) to initiate outreach to women under-going cancer treatment and help engage women with their peer cancer support community.
2) to gain visibility for oncology and palliative care co-management for cancer patients.
3) to promote activity & visibility among the breast and gynecological cancer community.

Campaign Time Frame
February 6  thru February 28, 2017


Comfort & Compassion Care Package Includes
• DāSoma™ medicinal skin ointment, and lip balm (retail $58.00)
• Bigelow Chamomile Vanilla Honey Herbal Tea and Chocolate Almond Tea
• Biscoff Cookies
• Ghirardelli Minis Chocolates
• Kashi Strawberry Cereal Bar
• A thinking of you card and additional chamomile tea bags will be mailed to participants 30 days later; to help initiate follow-up with the care package recipient.

Please use PayPal to purchase your Comfort & Compassion package.
The cost is $58 shipping included. Care packages are sent to the campaign participants address.

Chemotherapy and radiation generate oxidative stress, which can damage skin cells and disrupt the skin’s natural renewal process. Cancer treatment side effects can result in symptoms that include patches of dry, irritated, itchy skin, tenderness, redness and rash due to inflammation within the skin layers.


DāSoma™ is a medicinal skin ointment and lip balm for immune compromised patients. DāSoma™ helps calm inflammation within the deeper epidermis skin layers to soothe symptoms of chemotherapy and/or radiology induced dermatologic side effects. The botanical ingredients in the DāSoma™ ointment also strengthen the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and provides anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. CLICK HERE for additional info about DāSoma™.







Palliative Care is given to improve the quality of life of patients who have a serious or life threatening disease. The goal of palliative care is to prevent or manage the symptoms of a disease, the side effects caused by treatment of a disease, and psychological, social, and spiritual problems related to a disease or its treatment. Also called comfort care, supportive care, and symptom management.




DISCLAIMER Kathā Soma skin therapeutics are formulated specifically to meet the unique needs of people living with cancer, chronic diseases or slow cell renewal due to aging. The content presented herein is not intended as, or should be construed as medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare practitioner for individual medical recommendations.

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