Kātha Soma™ is a personal care company that offers two primary product lines 1) medicinal dermatology therapeutics for vulnerable or troubled skin and 2) mind/body sensory therapeutics to nurture emotional well-being. Each product is botanical enriched and formulated with 98% natural ingredients. Kātha Soma™ products are meaningful for those who value natural therapeutics that function to support the body’s capacity to protect, balance and renew.

Kathá Soma’s proprietary products are available to consumers and healthcare practitioners via e-commerce.
Below is an overview about each product. Click on the highlighted brand name to open the product page. Namaste!

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áSport Pro for Dedicated Athletes.

áSport Pro for Dedicated Athletes.

āSport™ antimicrobial skin/wound protectant for sports enthusiasts to reduce vulnerability to skin irritation, chafing, friction, abrasion and minor lacerations (road rash). Use before athletic activity (to protect) and after (to soothe) knees, knuckles, elbows etc, for cyclists, runners, rowers, swimmers, skiers, hockey players. Antimicrobial properties are intensely helpful for cyclists to reduce vulnerability to saddle sore re-occurrence or reduce severity of saddle sore (boils). Natural ingredients suitable to protect and calm irritation for sensitive body parts and skin fold areas such as the inner thighs, buttocks, perineum, penis, scrotum and around underarms.

Keirá Feminine   soothes dry, irritated, fragile vulva, perineum skin. Keirá is a water resistant, long lasting ointment specifically developed to restore (hold) moisture and protect vulva, labia, and perineum skin. Comforting for post menopausal women, runners, cyclists and women with Sjogren’s syndrome. Keira’s hydrating properties help to calm soreness and reduce symptoms associated with inflammatory vulvodynia, vulvar dystrophy, vulva eczema, and cancer treatment induced vulva dryness and atrophy. Keira helps calm symptoms; is not a cure. Vitamin D and E enriched; all natural ingredients. Providing personal comfort to your day.

Soma-Sensual™ is a nutrient enriched sumptuous body creme for women to soften & smooth bikini area skin: the buttocks, the gluteal crease (the semi curve where the back of the thigh meets cheek), the upper inner thigh, hips, breast curves and shoulders. Also helps diminish the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and ashy tone. Soma-Sensual . . . the power of soft, supple and sensuous, for women who appreciate and nurture their curves.

Maállo Skin Cream  provides symptom relief (dryness, irritation, redness, scaling, weeping, itch/scratch damage) for skin conditions associated with inflammation and/or low grade bacteria; common with mild to moderate psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, neurodermatitis, intertrigo. Also suitable for sensitive body parts and skin fold areas such as the inner thighs, buttocks, perineum, penis, scrotum and beside underarms.

DaSomá Skin Ointment  is a cancer supportive care treatment developed specifically for skin discomfort such as dryness, irritation, mild rash that may results as a side effective from chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. As a companion to the DaSoma ointment a lip balm with the same medicinal ingredient is included to provide comfort and convenience. Suitable for male and female patients (not for bleeding skin).

The Inter-connection Between Smell, the Brain and Emotion.
Kātha Soma’s™ mind/body therapeutics (Medicinal Scents™, Intimate Scents™ and Meditative Scents™) nurture emotional well-being via the olfactory pathway.

Kātha Soma’s™ mind/body blends utilize the olfactory pathway (smell perception) to subtly affect the brains limbic system. The limbic system, specifically the amygdala and hippocampus have a role in sensory processing, emotion, mood, memory, time perception, and behavior. Our fragrant blends are not perfume fragrances. Our proprietary blends are derived from select (pure) botanicals that communicate with the olfactory receptors in the upper part of the nose which then generate an impulse that is passed to the brain along the olfactory nerve.

Below is an overview about each product.
Click on the highlighted brand name to open the product page.

Medicinal Scents™ olfactory therapeutics help to address the emotional dimensions of chronic health conditions.

• Soma Breeze™ is a medicinal anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) therapeutic for patients who are vulnerable to or have symptoms of cognitive anxiety; to help calm and comfort the mind.

• Soma Sun™ is a medicinal uplifting therapeutic to inspire a bright positive mood for patients who are vulnerable to bouts of low mood.

Meditative Scents™ mind/body skin fragrance to enhance meditation, yoga and/or spiritual practice.

• Soma Snow™ to anchor post meditation, and/or post yoga mindfulness when engaged with day to day activities.

• Within Soma™ to calm the mind and deepen meditation, yoga, spiritual practice. For use during practice.

Intimate Scents™  sensual aphrodisiac fragrant blends deepen sensual, sexual energy to inspire sensuality (mind) and deepen pleasure (body).

• UnSpoken™ female, sultry and exotic (day fragrance) to invoke sensuality, nurture sense impressions, and deepen sensual pleasure.

• Soma Intima™ female, warm and erotic (night fragrance) to inspire passion, desire; deepen bodily sensations & sexual energy for you and your partner.

• Noir•Grey™ male, warm and erotic (night fragrance) to deepen bodily sensations & sexual energy for you and your partner.

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