Sympathetic Nervous System Blood Pressure

The sympathetic and parasympathetic system is somewhat like the Yin and Yang of cardio-vascular function.

Stormy weather . . . high wind, heavy rain or snow occurs when energy becomes excessive and unbalanced. The result of unbalanced weather energy is visible. Physical structures become worn or blocked and regular function is altered. However, structures with strong foundations weather the storms impact with less damage.

At times the body/mind also experience unbalanced energy which can result in diminished health and well being. With regard to cardiovascular wellness, unbalanced energy has an un-healthy effect on the structure and function of the blood vessels and the heart.

More specifically, unbalanced body/mind energy can over stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Within the blood vessels, this activation tightens the arteries (vasoconstriction) and inhibits vasodilation resulting in increased blood pressure (hypertension) and wear/ tear on the arteries. Damaged arteries then generate a cascade of cellular build-up which eventually blocks and stiffens the blood vessels: diminished arterial compliance.

Sympathetic over stimulation (adrenergic activity) alters the structure and diminishes the function of arteries. Parasympathetic tone is associated with open and relaxed arteries which eases blood pressure and reduces the workload of the heart.

To nurture cardio-vascular wellness it is healthful to recognize . . . and neutralize excess body/mind energy that stimulates sympathetic activity. Engaging in body/mind centering activities such as yoga, meditation, and tai chi create foundation, and energy balance. Body and mind centering activities nurture parasympathetic tone which contributes to better blood pressure management, cell renewal and well-being.

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