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Vulva skin is composed of the epidermis (top), dermis (middle), and hypodermis (bottom) layers. Vulva skin tissue continuously renews. The older cells slough off (or shed) through the epidermis (top) skin layer. Internal hydration maintains vulva skin cell renewal. However, the natural decline in estrogen production due to menopause, medical conditions and medications can disrupt vulva tissue hydration and cell renewal, resulting in symptoms that include dryness, irritation, and/or burning sensation of the labia and vulva tissues.

Keirá Feminine to soothe labia/vulva skin.

Keirá Feminine to soothe labia/vulva skin.

Keirá Feminine soothes dry, irritated, fragile labia/vulva skin. Keirá is a water-resistant, long lasting ointment specifically developed to restore (hold) moisture and protect vulva, labia, and clitoris skin. Comforting for post menopausal women, runners, cyclists and women with Sjogren’s syndrome. Keira’s hydrating properties help to calm soreness and reduce symptoms associated with inflammatory vulvodynia, vulvar dystrophy, vulva eczema, and cancer treatment induced vulva dryness. Keirá also supports the natural immune function of labia/vulva skin to reduce vulnerability to bacterial infiltrate. Keira helps calm symptoms; is not a cure. Vitamin D and E enriched; all natural ingredients. Providing personal comfort to your day.

Keira Soma

Ingredients and Application
The bio-active medicinal ingredients in Keirá Feminine Ointment are botanical. These plant derived nutrients are bio-compatible; meaning no toxic or injurious effects on biological function.  Additionally, these nutrients will not diminish labia, vulva or the skin on the buttocks protective pH (acid mantle) or the skin’s other natural immune mechanisms. Each ingredient in Kátha Soma skin formulas are recognized as safe substances (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Union Pharmacopeia’s.

 Keirá Feminine Ointment does not contain any synthetic ingredients, estrogen, mineral oil or petroleum jelly (petro-chemicals), zinc oxide or ragweed botanicals.

 A prescription for Keirá Feminine is not required

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In general, the 2 oz ointment soothes labia/vulva skin for three months (meaningful comfort).

Keirá is water-resistant and has a thick consistency like honey; a pea size amount of ointment applied to the affected labia and vulva area once a day helps soothe and calm irritation and soreness.  Keirá is not indicated for internal vaginal use, is not a vaginal lubricant, is not for use with condoms, is not for pregnant/nursing women and is not indicated for broken skin. With daily application, Keirá also nurtures nipple/areolar skin.

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The vulva is a woman’s external genital area. It includes two hair covered folds of skin called the labia majora, which surround two inner folds called the labia minora. The labia majora and labia minora over lap and protect the opening of the vagina and the urethra (the tube through which urine is passed) and the clitoris.

Vulva Eczema /Vulva Dermatitis
The words eczema and dermatitis mean the same thing. They refer to inflammation in the top layer (epidermis) of the skin. This can make the skin dry, itchy, red, irritated and sore. In the vulva area eczema symptoms tends to be more in the folds of skin i.e. between the outer labia majora and inner labia minora folds and may affect the skin around the anus and the area of skin between the buttocks.

Vulvitis is not a disease, but refers to the inflammation of the soft folds of skin on the outside of the female genitalia, the vulva.

Vulvodynia is a chronic condition characterized by pain and burning in the vulva. The most commonly reported symptoms of vulvodynia are labia burning, stinging, and/or rawness.

The clitoris only one quarter of the clitoris is visible. The rest of it is inside the body. The clitoris is made up of many different parts including the clitoral head, the hood, the clitoral shaft, the urethral sponge, erectile tissue, glands, vestibular bulbs and the crura (clitoral legs). The clitoris is exquisitely sensitive and contains about 8,000 sensory nerve endings.

Sexual arousal  low estrogen levels (after menopause) can diminish physiologic responses associated with sexual arousal including smooth muscle relaxation, vasocongestion (blood pooling), and vaginal lubrication.

Menopause is a natural transition in a woman’s life when the ovaries stop releasing eggs, menstrual activity decreases and eventually ceases, and the body decreases production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. The vulva and vagina contain the largest tissue concentration of estrogen receptors in the female body.  Estrogen production keeps vulvar and vaginal tissue moist, soft and supple. As such, diminished estrogen production due to menopause can contribute to occasional or ongoing vulva (external) and vaginal (internal) dryness/discomfort.


DISCLAIMER: Kathá Soma therapeutics are formulated specifically to meet the unique needs of people living with cancer, chronic diseases or slow cell renewal due to aging. Kathá Soma skin solutions are not formulated for aesthetic/cosmetic dermatology treatment. Kindly note, the content presented in this website is not intended as, or should be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner for individual medical recommendations.

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