Nurturing Women’s Heart Health

Helping women re-define health beliefs, attitudes and behaviors
so they can nurture & cherish their arteries and heart function

In general, the mind holds one thought and the body experiences that thought. For example, the body experiences a sense of cold, hot or warm. However, cold hot and warm are not experienced at the same time. The body’s sensation will be (one) cold, hot or warm. This is because the mind holds one predominant thought and the body experiences that one thought/message. Additionally, the sense of cold hot or warm is uniquely experienced or perceived by each individual.

Beliefs regarding heart health also tend to be experienced as one thought. Such beliefs tend to be either positive or negative. During the past decade, the media messaging regarding women’s health heart has been stress invoking and negative. This stressful messaging is often internalized and conjures a sense of vulnerability. Women then feel disconnected or uneasy with their heart health because a belief has been negatively structured . . . and this belief conflicts with the natural harmony of the body. (to nourish and renew)

As a result women at midlife tend to experience anxiety, and worry regarding blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and such. Essentially, because the mind holds the one thought, in this case negative energy; women then avoid or neglect their heart health.

The articles among this website help women replace misperceptions about blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and worry about heart attack /stroke with an ability to nurture their cardio-vascular health. You may like to read Menopause, Estrogen and Blood Pressure,  and Salt, Arteries and Blood Pressure and Calming Thoughts About Women & Blood Pressure.

every thought contains a seed.

every thought contains a seed.

The term cardio-vascular refers to the blood vessels (arteries, capillaries, veins) and heart function. Arteries are much like the roots/stems on a beautiful rosebush; the heart would be the joyful rose. The arteries provide nourishment (food & oxygen) to the heart.

Following this thought, if the arteries (roots/stems of the rosebush) become weak, damaged or blocked the heart will not function well (the rose will not be vibrant). So the key to cultivating a beautiful rose (a healthy heart) is to maintain the function of the roots (arteries). It is also comforting to keep in mind that even if the roots are a little damaged, with attention and nurturing the roots will renew.

Addressing (not avoiding) cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar at midlife will significantly help to prevent heart attack and stroke . . . and even heart failure during the later years. Much like a gardener cultivates the garden in early spring by tending to the roots of the plants, and by clearing, loosing & nourishing the soil . . . midlife women can cultivate the health of their arteries.

It is said that every thought contains a seed. For women a meaningful step towards achieving well-being during their empty nest years is to let go of mis-perceptions regarding cardio-vascular health and replace out dated beliefs with attentiveness, positive energy (knowledge) and healthy behavior (self care).

Enhancing health knowledge instills confidence and capability.

Kindly, keep in mind cultivating heart health much like cultivating a garden is not effortless; one needs to actively participate. Reviewing the information is a healthy start to participating in cardiovascular wellness.



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