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Within Romance

What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create.

Romantic a person with romantic beliefs or attitudes. Be Romantic.
Romance a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Create Romance.




I love you without knowing how, or when,       or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.
Pablo Neruda. Born 1904



One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours?
I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.
Khalil Gibran.  Born 1883

The day you declared your love is the day of my birth.
Nizar Qabbani.  Born 1923


I love you because I love you, because it would be impossible not to love you.
I love you without question, without calculation,
without reason good or bad, faithfully,
with all my heart and soul,
and every faculty.
Juliette Drouet. Born 10 April 1806


When I saw you
I fell in love,
and you smiled because you knew.

Arrigo Boito Born 24 February 1842
From the Opera Falstaff by Verdi

Never the way she looked, always the way she was.
I could have fallen in love with her with my eyes closed.

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Being Sensual

Sensuality  . . .  the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure.

Your naked body should be shared with one who falls in love with your naked soul.

Inhaling your breath into my body, taking you into my soul . . . all this through a kiss.

The sudden flash of his grin stopped my heart.  Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

Your eyes make me shy. Anais Nin

Intimacy is not purely physical. It is the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul.

Sexual desire is the behavioral drive that motivates individuals to fantasize about or seek out sexual activity. In contrast, sexual arousal is the autonomic physiological processes that prepare the body for sexual activity.

Sultry . . .  attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.
A passionate woman’s sensuality has dark, heavy qualities.

The flavor of her skin is one of lust and sensuality with a twist of sultry. Alfredo Cano

Being sultry is more a condition or a state of mind than an action . . . much like how heated water simmers without coming to a boil.

The feeling of your soul touching mine.

Two souls are sometimes created together . . . in love before they’re born.  F. Scott Fitzgerald

My lover asks me, what is the difference between me and the sky?
The difference, my love, is that when you laugh, I forget about the sky. Nizar Qabbani

Seduction begins with the words one whispers in the ear, the pictures one paints in the mind.

The Art of Seduction is knowing what your partner really wants and slowly giving it to him/her in a way that takes their breath away.

The slower the kiss . . . the faster the heartbeat.

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.

Love  . . . when you touch someone with your spirit and in turn they touch your soul with their heart.

I felt his voice. Fingers rubbing moss. Smoke curling. Wood worn and smoothed over time. His voice had darkness in it that hovered close to the ground, like a mist hanging over a lake deep in a forest at dusk. A bolt of sea-green velvet. A sensation as much as a series of sounds. It reverberated inside me.  M.J. Rose, The Witch of Painted Sorrows

. . . and I was never sure if you were the lighthouse or the storm.



She looked my demons in the eye and smiled.
She fell for the very thing I thought she’d fear.

Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

There was no aphrodisiac more powerful than talking; no seduction more effective than curiosity. Manju Kapur

A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time.

A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body.

Chemistry  . . . you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire.

Enticing . . . to attract (someone), usually to do something, by arousing hope, interest, or desire.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. Judy Garland

My soul made love to your soul long before our bodies met. Anita Krizzan


The power of a glance has been much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only. Victor Hugo

When the rain is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case, I would offer you a warm embrace. to make you feel my love. Bob Dylan

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. Emily Bronte

We are stronger, gentler, more resilient, and more beautiful than any of us imagine.
Mark Nepo, born Feb 23, 1951

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.  Hafiz of Persia (born between 1310 and 1325 C.E)





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Soma Sensuous

If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all of my life. Oscar Wilde

The united beat of sex and heart together creates ecstasy. Anais Nin

Her mind is deliciously improper and her body is an aphrodisiac. Alfredo Cano

Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unit their souls,
because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath.

Confidence is among the sexiest attributes a woman can have.

Sensuous  . . .  affecting the senses in a pleasing way: pleasant, attractive, or appealing in a way that produces or suggests feelings of physical or sexual pleasure.

Tango (to touch)

Tango (to touch)

I could smell his scent; a mixture of amber, honey and apples mixed with his own skin’s oils and the brisk winter air. Something deep inside me responded to the fragrance. I felt as if I could lose myself in it. Wrap it around me like a cashmere shawl and be forever warmed.
Mj Rose. The Witch of Painted Sorrows 2015

The senses play a pivotal role in the sexual arousal and response of men and women. The five traditional senses include sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Sight when a man sees something that he finds arousing, testosterone is released into his bloodstream. Testosterone affects libido in both women and men. The most beautiful words of love are told in silence for a look. Leonardo da Vinci

Hearing (auditory stimuli)
Mood-setting music is sensuous and alluring. Hearing music with a low beat like reggae, Bossa Nova, soul, or love songs resonate vibrations through the lower body. These vibrations invoke sensual and sexual energy.

Additionally, the hormone oxytocin creates a sense of well-being, closeness, bonding and trust (for men & women). Oxytocin is released by auditory stimuli. As such, pillow talk can be experienced somewhat like an auditory/spoken massage, invoking warmth, trust and openness (again affects pleasure for men and women).



Smell (olfactory stimuli)
For both male and female, smell is a significant sexual sense. There’s a direct sensory pathway between the olfactory bulb above the nose and the arousal center of the brain. Cinnamon and clover, are scents that subtly invoke desire in men. The plant oils of jasmine, and rose invoke sensuality and desire in women (aphrodisiac).

Ylang ylang has a delicate, jasmine like (only much more exotic) floral scent that is masculine while allowing a most seductive feminine allure to leave you absolutely enchanted.

Smell is extremely important when it comes to attraction between two people. Research has shown that our body odor, produced by the genes which make up our immune system, can help us subconsciously choose our partners. Kissing is thought by some scientists to have developed from sniffing; that first kiss being essentially a primal behaviour during which we smell and taste our partner to decide if they are a match.

Smell and Emotion, in addition to being the sense most closely linked to memory, smell is also highly emotive.

A perfume is an intimate object, it is the reflection of the heart.
Emanuel Ungaro (born 13 February 1933)

Scent is the most powerful memory trigger.

Pheromones are odorless chemical signals. They are released through sweat glands after interaction with the skin’s natural bacterial microflora.  Once smelled, pheromones tend to affect (arouse) the behavior of one’s sexual partner. Pheromones are thought to be present in bodily secretions such as urine, semen or vaginal secretions, breast milk, saliva and breath. Certain foods can increase pheromones.

The axillary sweat pheromones are steroid structure components: androstadienone, androstenone and androstenol. Of these steroids, androstadienone appears to have the most robust effects upon both sexes; particularly upon women. Sweat derived pheromones are like a chemical signature. For example research indicates, adult can identify their own worn T-shirts out of 100 identical shirts worn by others. Family members can also identify T-shirts belonging to their partners, children and siblings.

Oil diffusers are a safe way to release sensual scents throughout the bedroom.

Dopamine is one of the brain’s feel good chemicals; this neurotransmitter also boosts female libido and sexual pleasure. Dopamine levels are increased by the bioflavonoids in dark chocolate. Enjoy chocolate with 70% cocoa or greater to increase dopamine. The herb fennel acts like an aphrodisiac for women. Fennel is a natural phytoestrogens (estrogen like chemicals found in plants). Fennel is available as a tea, or herbal supplement, aim for organic.

soma-kissTouch (tactile stimuli) the conversation between your fingers and someones skin.
Physical contact (the tactile sense) is pre-eminent stimuli for sexual arousal in women. Pacini’s corpuscles within the skin are mechanoreceptors designed to detect pressure. They populate the oral lips, penis, clitoris, and nipples. Pacini’s corpuscles are located in the deep portion of the dermis (middle skin layer) and in the subcutaneous fat (bottom skin layer). The well-being hormone oxytocin is released by tactile interaction such as suckling and massage.

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Soma-Sensual™ for noticeably soft, smooth sensual curves

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