Calming Thoughts About Women & Blood Pressure

This is a good day, because reading this information helps move thoughts beyond awareness of heart disease & worry about heart attack (stressful energy) to the positive energy of cultivating heart health.

pink roseThe term cardio-vascular refers to the blood vessels (arteries, capillaries, veins) and heart function. Arteries are much like the roots/stems on a beautiful rosebush; the heart would be the joyful rose.  The arteries provide nourishment (food & oxygen) to the heart.

Please take comfort in learning that a low salt (sodium), high potassium diet intensely reduces a woman’s risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease. Arteries tend to tighten under the influence of sodium. High sodium also causes blood to thicken. As such, dietary salt significantly impacts the cause and progression of high blood pressure. In addition, around mid life people tend to become more salt sensitive. The body (cells) find high sodium intake to be overwhelming and troublesome.

Potassium has a favorable impact on blood pressure. A key concept for healthy blood pressure is low sodium and high potassium. In general beans, vegetables, prunes, orange juice, Greek yogurt and oat bran provide high potassium. To help prevent or slow the progression of high blood pressure it is important to read food labels for sodium content. Prepared boxed and frozen foods, and foods like canned soups also tend to have very, very high sodium content.

High sodium intake also increase blood volume; the heart then has to work harder to push/pump thicker blood. For example, it is easier to blow thin cranberry juice through a straw than thick ketchup. When the heart is consistently working in overdrive to pump thick blood to body tissues/organs the efficiency of the heart as a pump wears out; leading to heart failure in advanced years.

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