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Kathá Soma skin therapeutics help people living with cancer, chronic skin disease or slow cell renewal due to aging, minimize their signs & symptoms, achieve daily comfort and maintain quality of life. Below is an overview about each skin therapeutic. Click on the highlighted product title for more details.

Maállo Skin Cream  is formulated for conditions associated with altered immune reactivity and/or inflammation such as psoriasis, eczema, low grade rosacea, lupus, dermatomyositis, neurodermatitis, Intertrigo, HIV/Aids.

Solace Skin Cream is formulated for conditions were weakened blood vessels contribute to diminished oxygen & blood flow to the skin such as rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, pressure ulcer preventive and stage one/two pressure ulcer management, scleroderma and diabetic related skin conditions.

DaSomá Skin Cream  is formulated for skin that has been exposed to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. As a companion to the DaSoma cream a lip balm with the same medicinal ingredient is also provided for convenience & comfort.

Keirá Feminine Cream  addresses labia/vulva dryness and atrophy (thin, fragile vulvar tissue). Keirá is formulated for post menopause women and conditions such as inflammatory vulvodynia, vulvar dystrophy, vulva eczema, Sjogren’s syndrome; and cancer treatment (tamoxifen – arimidex) induced vulva dryness and atrophy.

āSport™ is a medicinal skin ointment for men to address skin irritation, chafing and abrasion for cyclists, runners, rowers, swimmers, skiers, hockey players. Suitable for sensitive body parts and skin fold areas such as inner thighs, buttocks, perineum, penis, scrotum and around under arms.

DaSoma for vulnerable & troubled skin due to cancer treatment.

DaSoma for vulnerable & troubled skin due to cancer treatment.

The Kathá Soma Difference: bio-compatible ingredients
Kathá Soma therapeutics modify the disease process to calm symptoms. Each formula has unique medicinal botanical ingredients (phytonutrients) to modify both the stimulus of skin damage and the symptoms.

In general, the body does not respond to synthetic chemicals as it responds to natural compounds (medicinal botanicals). The body tends to perceive synthetics as foreign matter and pushes the synthetic away from cells. Additionally, synthetic medicinals generally provide one active ingredient. Botanical medicinals provide a collection of body friendly active ingredients to modify cell behavior.

Sólace Ointment for vulnerable and troubled skin

Sólace Ointment for vulnerable and troubled skin

Each Kātha-Soma skin therapeutic has patent pending status.

The skin therapeutics are distributed globally by Kātha-Soma Consumer Health through e-commerce (not available in stores). Additional info see FAQ page.

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